Another great example of a private initiative for marine protection: a new and hugely successful private marine park in Indonesia

A new private marine park, the Misool Private Marine Reserve, covering 1.220 sq. kms of marine area, has been founded in Indonesia. The Misool Marine Reserve is leased directly from the local villages while the lease area includes the sea and reefs, as well all the islands such as Kalig, Yillet, Boo, Fiabacet, Batbitim, Kanim, Sapenipnu, Jef Gelu, and Warakaraket. Up to 2005, rampant shark finning and unchecked destructive fishing were destroying the rich marine biodiversity around the islands and reefs. Within 6 years of effective protection, including intense patrolling and surveillance, the marine biomass increased on average by 250%, while on some key sites, recovery surpassed 600%! In October 2018 Misool Private Marine Reserve won the GLORES platinum award, as one of the 7 most successful MPAs in the world. See here the wonderful things they have achieved.